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Follow the White Rabbit

Follow the White Rabbit

"Una giovane ragazza con un gusto pronunciato per i piccoli piaceri della vita: immergere la mano in un sacco di legumi, spaccare la crosticina di una creme brulée con la punta del cucchiaino e far rimbalzare sassi sull'acqua del Canal Saint Martin"


Saved as ‘doodle #32’, the source for this black & white fractal is one of countless doodles I did in middle & high school. It was done on lined notebook paper so I had to crop out the binder holes. This must be at least 15 years old. It’s almost a perfect mandala.
Don’t throw out your old doodles!


My thing is, have sex whenever you decide to want to have sex. You want to have sex on the first night, go ahead. You want to have sex after 20 dates, go ahead. You want to never have sex, go ahead. People think that someone’s sexual choices actually coincide with their personality. If all you can think of someone’s worth is whether they want to have sex or not, then the problem is probably you.

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